Design, mix &
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Design interiors, sketch buildings and craft environments with your hands. Mix realities and experience design options on-site. Collaborate anywhere using VR, desktop and mobile.

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Arkio 1.8 is out!🎉

Arkio version 1.8 is here! From advanced modeling techniques to stunning visual enhancements, Arkio 1.8 is designed to meet the evolving needs of our creative community

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  • Fast solid modeling Real-time boolean operations together with parametric volumes and components give the feel of working with physical objects that slide, snap, glue and stack.
  • Cross-platform collaboration Brainstorm design ideas together, experience and present from inside virtual reality, in mixed reality or on your desktop, tablet or phone - everyone can join in.
  • Seamless workflow integration Import via Arkio Cloud, sketch on top of 3D models and scenes from Revit, Rhino, Unity and other 3D tools, then export your work back when ready.


Work with people wherever they are in the world using VR, desktops, phones and tablets. Try out new ideas, experience your designs in mixed reality, markup existing Revit and Rhino models, present design options, discuss and decide. Save time, save money and avoid costly misunderstanding.

Intuitive &

Stack and glue shapes as if they’re real objects then carve, stretch and skew them in any way possible. Don’t like some part of your design? Just throw it away.

Mix realities

With room import and passthrough on Meta Quest and Meta Quest Pro you can design, mix and share realities like never before. Place virtual furniture in your living room, sketch an extension on top of a building you are remodeling, carve a virtual window into a wall or remove walls! View 3D models as scale models or experience them at true scale in the real world.

Use Arkio anywhere

Sketch your next big idea and collaborate wherever you want. Arkio works on wired and mobile VR headsets as well as on your tablet, phone and PC. Create at your desk, mix realities at a job site or join a design review session at the beach - the choice is yours.

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Revit and Arkio: A perfect match

Arkio fits right into your workflow and augments the way you already work. Import Revit models, context, maps, OpenStreetMap buildings, images or program data. Then export your new design back into Revit as proper Revit geometry and visualize your work in Enscape.

More on Revit and Arkio

Arkio plays well with other 3D tools

With plugins for Unity, Rhino and SketchUp and integration with BIM 360 it is easy to bring your models into Arkio and work on them in VR, on desktop, tablet or phone. Sketch new geometry, annotate and collaborate with others, then easily export your work back.

  • Rhino
  • SketchUp
  • BIM 360
  • Unity

What people are saying about Arkio

We had an opportunity to pitch for another high-profile project and said we need Arkio for this. We used Arkio, pitch was succcessful and we won the project.

Ernesto Pacheco Ernesto Pacheco Director of Visualization, CannonDesign

Arkio is an unprecedented design tool that advances the way our teams work digitally. It removes the barriers we face with siloed modeling processes with an intuitive platform that connects our different design workflows into a collaborative immersive environment.

David Morgan David Morgan Designer / VR Specialist, Sasaki Associates

Arkio is a perfect and simple tool for teaching and learning VR. It allows us to engage learners from novice to expert VR users to design and collaborate in VR, and to interact with their 3D scanned models and immerse in their scanned environment without programming skills.

Ann Stevens Ann Stevens Lecturer of UX, Games & Interactive Design, TAFE Queensland

I am an aspiring designer, who enjoys creating in VR. Using Arkio, gives me the space to showcase my imagination with endless possibilities to build. As I enhance my craft, I am eager to share my unique vision and designs with the world.

Roshon Butts Roshon Butts Concept Designer

Arkio is a game-changer in design and design communication. Bringing clients into a shared VR experience to talk about their space and possibilities helps us communicate the design process in spatial and visual way. I am also impressed with the continuous updates and expanded functionality that the team deploys. Arkio is truly a tool made by and for designers.

Hugh Soward Hugh Soward Innovation Specialist, OPN Architects

Model at
any scale

Seamlessly transition between designing with scale models or at human scale. Grab entire skyscrapers with your hands or raise the ceiling height while standing inside an apartment at human scale. Arkio gives you design superpowers.

A new way to play with
design options

Creating multiple design options is a breeze with Arkio. Just duplicate your model, make changes and see both the original and the new version presented side-by-side on the models viewer.

Visualize programs and requirements

Apply program categories to shapes and see how close you are to meeting client requirements. See how area sizes update dynamically as you stretch shapes or carve into towers.

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Different ways
to use Arkio

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Get work
done fast

  • Select tools using simple gestures
  • Model with one hand or two hands, the choice is yours
  • Quick access to your favorite primitives and materials
  • Use tools from a distance or grab shapes that are up close

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Built-in library of
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