Spatial Design

Collaboratively sketch interiors, buildings and urban plans using VR, PC and mobile devices. Start fresh or import a Revit model, then export your design as native Revit geometry. Simply magic.


Work with people wherever they are in the world using VR headsets, PCs, phones and tablets. Try out new ideas, markup existing Revit models, present design options, discuss and decide. Save time, save money and avoid costly misunderstanding.

Intuitive &

Stack and glue shapes as if they’re real objects then carve, stretch and skew them in any way possible. Don’t like some part of your design? Just throw it away. Creating Revit geometry has never been easier.

Use Arkio anywhere

Sketch your next big idea and collaborate wherever you want. Arkio works on wired and mobile VR headsets as well as on your tablet, phone and PC. Create at your desk, a job site or at the beach - the choice is yours.

Revit and Arkio: A perfect match

Arkio fits right into your workflow and augments the way you already work. Import Revit models, context, maps, OpenStreetMap buildings, images or program data. Then export your new design back into Revit as proper Revit geometry and visualize your work in Enscape.

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Model at
any scale

Seamlessly transition between designing with scale models or at human scale. Grab entire skyscrapers with your hands or raise the ceiling height while standing inside an apartment at human scale. Arkio gives you design superpowers.

A new way to play with
design options

Creating multiple design options is a breeze with Arkio. Just duplicate your model, make changes and see both the original and the new version presented side-by-side on the models viewer.

Sculptable towers

Create towers with predetermined floor heights then stretch, skew and sculpt them while seeing floor area sizes update.

Smart guides

Smart guides help you align to nearby geometry and create accurate shapes with scale-dependent grids.

Magic arrays

Simply create powerful arrays that stack, twist and turn.

Interior spaces

Work inside parametric volumes that retain their wall thickness no matter how you stretch and skew them.

Visualize programs and requirements

Apply program categories to shapes and see how close you are to meeting client requirements. See how area sizes update dynamically as you stretch shapes or carve into towers.

A graph showing data of Arkio on use

Different ways
to use Arkio

A wheel showing Arkio's possibilities

Get work
done fast

  • Select tools using simple gestures
  • Model with one hand or two hands, the choice is yours
  • Quick access to your favorite primitives and materials
  • Use tools from a distance or grab shapes that are up close

What a view

Sun studies

Play with time and date to experience how your design impacts sunlight or casts shadows.

See inside with sections

Create section cuts to reveal interiors and make design changes inside spaces.

View and edit in AR

Toggle AR mode on your tablet or phone to view your model in augmented reality. Want to make a building taller? Just pull the roof upwards. All modeling tools are available while in AR.

PC spectator mode

Arkio features a stable spectator camera for people watching the action unfold from outside of VR - and they can even collaborate with the local VR user.

Built-in library of
assets designed for
mobile devices

Living room with many devices

Powerful modeling capabilities

  • Solid modeling engine Purpose-built solid modeling engine optimized for mobile devices. Featuring real-time boolean operations and parametric volumes.
  • Flexible editing Spatial acceleration structure that maintains a database of any shape, its volume and how it relates to other shapes. In Arkio all shapes remain flexible and no editing operation is destructive.
  • Smart collisions Proprietary collision detection optimized to give the feel of working with physical objects that slide, snap, glue and stack - yet remain fully editable.