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Design interiors, buildings, virtual spaces, game environments and more with Arkio on Meta Quest and Meta Quest Pro. Try new design ideas and collaborate with up to 24 people using VR, desktop and mobile to make better design decisions faster and avoid costly misunderstandings.

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  • Fast solid modeling Real-time boolean operations and parametric volumes that give the feel of working with physical objects that slide, snap, glue and stack.
  • Cross-platform collaboration Brainstorm design ideas together, experience and present from inside virtual reality or on your desktop, tablet or phone - everyone can join in.
  • Seamless workflow integration Explore and sketch on top of 3D models and scenes from Revit, Rhino, Unity and other 3D tools, then export your work back when ready.

Seamless integration with other 3D tools

With plugins for Revit, Unity, Rhino and SketchUp and integration with BIM 360/ACC it is easy to bring your models into Arkio and work on them in VR, on desktop, tablet or phone. Sketch new geometry, annotate and collaborate with others, then easily export your work back.

Get started for free
  • Simple design reviews Experience and review your designs anywhere with colleagues and customers to avoid costly misunderstandings.
  • Experience in mixed reality View 3D models as scale models or experience them at true scale in the real world before they are built.
  • Sketch design options together Try new design ideas easily in VR or modify the real world on-site using mixed reality.

What people are saying about Arkio

We had an opportunity to pitch for another high-profile project and said we need Arkio for this. We used Arkio, pitch was succcessful and we won the project.

Ernesto Pacheco Ernesto Pacheco Director of Visualization, CannonDesign

Arkio is an unprecedented design tool that advances the way our teams work digitally. It removes the barriers we face with siloed modeling processes with an intuitive platform that connects our different design workflows into a collaborative immersive environment.

David Morgan David Morgan Designer / VR Specialist, Sasaki Associates

Arkio is a perfect and simple tool for teaching and learning VR. It allows us to engage learners from novice to expert VR users to design and collaborate in VR, and to interact with their 3D scanned models and immerse in their scanned environment without programming skills.

Ann Stevens Ann Stevens Lecturer of UX, Games & Interactive Design, TAFE Queensland

I am an aspiring designer, who enjoys creating in VR. Using Arkio, gives me the space to showcase my imagination with endless possibilities to build. As I enhance my craft, I am eager to share my unique vision and designs with the world.

Roshon Butts Roshon Butts Concept Designer

Arkio is a game-changer in design and design communication. Bringing clients into a shared VR experience to talk about their space and possibilities helps us communicate the design process in spatial and visual way. I am also impressed with the continuous updates and expanded functionality that the team deploys. Arkio is truly a tool made by and for designers.

Hugh Soward Hugh Soward Innovation Specialist, OPN Architects

With Arkio on Meta Quest 3 and Pro it’s now possible to work in mixed reality using color passthrough, seamlessly blending the real and virtual worlds to unlock new use cases. Work on architectural designs while being present in your physical environment or modify your physical space to try out new design options on top of your real world. Arkio additionally supports face and eye tracking for Meta Avatars on Meta Quest Pro, greatly enhancing the sense of co-presence when working with others.

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Start Free or unlock the full capabilities of Arkio with Plus, Pro or Enterprise.


To participate in meetings or try the basics


Free includes

  • All Arkio modeling tools
  • Max 4 people in meetings, max 20 minute duration
  • Join Pro meetings as viewer
  • Import/export 3D models & images
  • Max 100K triangles per 3D model import
  • Limited edit history


For individual creators



Billed annually or $12 billed per month. Tax not included.

Everything in Free

  • Import 3D models up to 2M triangles
  • Unlimited meeting length
  • Unity & glTF import/export
  • Plus Asset Pack included
  • Extended edit history


For professional meetings and integrations


month/floating license

Billed annually or $60 billed per month. Tax not included.

Everything in plus

  • Floating license
  • No 3D model import size limit
  • Large model support (beta)
  • Host meetings with up to 24 people
  • Join meetings as editor
  • Revit, Rhino & Sketchup import/export
  • View BIM information
  • Programs import/export


For companies requiring more flexibility & support


month/floating license

Annual billing only. Tax not included

Everything in pro

  • BIM 360 import/export
  • Guest editor(s) in meetings
  • User onboarding & training
  • Usage analysis & success reviews
  • Priority support

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Arkio is great for education and we offer free Pro licenses for qualified educational institutions that want to use Arkio as part of their curriculum. Please send us an email at if you're interested.

Getting started with Arkio

Arkio includes various tutorials that can be viewed inside Arkio in VR. Simply start Arkio on Meta Quest or Meta Quest Pro and select Getting Started from the home menu. You will also find Tutorial Scenes for a guided tour as well as Import Room to start mixing realities! Check out the tutorials inside Arkio for details about passthrough and mixed reality or visit the online tutorials page.

Frequently asked questions

When will Arkio be available on Meta Quest 3 and Pro?

Arkio already supports Meta Quest 3 and Pro.

Is Arkio the same on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro?

The main difference is that on Meta Quest 3 and Pro you can experience mixed reality in vivid color passthrough. You can additionally use face and eye tracking for enhanced presence when collaborationg with other people when using Meta Quest Pro.

Room import does not work for me, why is that?

To import your room you will need to go through the room capture process, either from the Quest home screen or from Arkio when selecting room import from the home menu. Meta Quest 3 supports automatic room capture just by looking around while Meta Quest 2 and Pro require you to manually outline your room.

Can I collaborate between Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro devices?

Yes, Arkio supports collaboration between any device, including various VR headsets, desktops, tablets and phones. You can find Arkio for your devices on the various app stores or via our downlad page

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