Revit and Arkio: A perfect match

With the Arkio Revit plugin you can easily import your Arkio models into Revit. Save time and effort by sketching your design ideas in Arkio then instantly converting them to native Revit geometry and families.

  • Arkio shapes convert to either mass families or generic shapes - the choice is yours
  • Program data applied in Arkio flows into Revit as object parameters that can be read and sorted in schedules
  • Built-in Arkio assets, line drawings and imported 3D models convert to customizable Revit families
  • Materials and textures applied in Arkio get imported and can be adjusted at will

Beautiful real-time
renderings with

Once imported into Revit you can visualize your Arkio models beautifully with Enscape. Arkio’s built-in assets are even mapped to native Enscape assets for that extra-realistic look.

is key

Import reference models, images and a streetmap to try out new design ideas in proper context. Make sure your new tower fits in or just experience the view from inside the apartment on the 20th floor.

Program play

Load design requirements from Excel directly into Arkio then explore different program configurations with program blocks that align and snap together. Keep track of program sizes and deviations from your design brief. Wrap up by exporting your design to Revit or the data back to Excel.

More ways to
share your work

  • Virtual photos Snap photos inside Arkio using the built-in camera to share your masterpiece with the outside world.
  • Export to OBJ Export your Arkio model as an OBJ file to continue refining your design in other design tools.
  • Streaming architecture If you’re the data type you can stream Arkio data in real-time to a web server of your choice. Perform data analysis, create dashboards, visualize. The possibilities are endless.