Our mission is to simplify the design process

We want to give you design superpowers. To enable you to come up with better design ideas faster. To work with people in a more intuitive way than before possible. To move entire skyscrapers with your hands. To experience the future before it’s built.

Today’s VR and AR technologies along with the ubiquitousness of mobile devices make this entirely feasible. There is no reason to accept the limitations of flat-screen design tools or how challenging it can be to get work done together just because it has always been that way.

We are just getting started on this journey and would love to hear your thoughts on what we have done so far.

Who we are

Hilmar Gunnarsson smiles at you

Hilmar Gunnarsson

Founder & CEO

Hilmar is fascinated with architecture, technology, UX and using new mediums to unleash creativity.

Haraldur Darri Thorvaldsson smiles at you

Haraldur Darri Thorvaldsson

Co-founder & CTO

One of Harri’s first jobs was developing a multi-user VRML browser and his love of shared virtual worlds never really went away. He likes outdoorsy things like hiking and cross-country skiing.

Johan Hanegraaf smiles at you

Johan Hanegraaf

Co-founder & Head of Product

As an architect and engineer specialized in design technology, Johan believes immersive technologies have the potential to redefine our design process.

Adrián Anta smiles at you

Adrián Anta


Adrián is passionate about storytelling, music, science, art and design. App development encompasses it all, so naturally, he got lured by it.

Ari Þórðarson smiles at you

Ari Þórðarson


Ari likes the joy of creating things, in particular computer software. Other than that, he also enjoys being outside surrounded by nature, if the weather is good.

Goran Lalić smiles at you

Goran Lalić


Goran is a Unity engineer, VR specialist, a hobbyist game developer, and a veteran dungeon master. He hasn't yet met a shader that he couldn't best in single combat.

Thomas Grønneløv smiles at you

Thomas Grønneløv


Has a background in computer science with a focus on computational physics, and is an avid paraglider pilot in his spare time.

Vinita Rakheja smiles at you

Vinita Rakheja

Sales Representative

Vinita is passionate about design, art, experiencing innovative technologies and a fan of gaming. She loves challenging herself with outdoor sports activities.

Stefan Talos smiles at you

Stefan Talos


Stefan is a veteran gamer and QA specialist. He looks for quality over quantity, especially in humans, and enjoys reading good books.