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To participate in design meetings or try the basics of modeling in Arkio


Free includes...

  • All Arkio modeling tools
  • 1:1 meetings, max 20 minutes meeting duration
  • Join professional meetings as viewer
  • Import 3D models & images, max 15MB file size (OBJ, PNG, JPG)
  • Export 3D models & images (OBJ, PNG)
  • Limited edit history


For professional design meetings and workflow integrations

$55/month/floating license
Billed annually or $70 billed per month

Tax not included

Everything in Free, plus...

  • Floating license
  • Host meetings with up to 24 people
  • Join design meetings as editor
  • Password protected meetings
  • Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, program import/export & unlimited file size
  • Extended edit history


For companies requiring more flexibility & support

$85/month/floating license Annual billing only

Tax not included

Everything in Pro, plus...

  • BIM 360 import/export
  • Guest editor(s) in meetings
  • User onboarding & training
  • Usage analysis & success reviews
  • Priority support
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Arkio is great for education and we offer free Pro licenses for qualified educational institutions that want to use Arkio as part of their curriculum. Please send us an email at if you're interested.

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Free Pro Enterprise


Host meetings

Max meeting participants


Max meeting length

20 minutes

Password protected meetings

Host meeting controls

Join professional meetings as


Grant free users edit rights

Models and tools

All modeling tools

Place section

Create views

Max number of models


Worktable size


Model edit history



File size limit


Image (PNG, JPG)


2D streetmaps

3D streetmap buildings

CSV program data & names




BIM 360


Photos (PNG)


Program data




Live data broadcast

BIM 360


Programs and area sizes

Sun studies



Basic props

Basic materials


Virtual reality

iOS and Android

Augmented reality on tablets and phones

Windows & Mac desktop version

Hybrid VR/desktop mode


Self-serve knowledge base

Email support

Priority support

Usage analytics

Success reviews

Frequently asked questions

What is a floating license?

Floating licenses are a popular concurrent license model where your license is shared among a number of users and devices. A floating license will only be occupied while you’re using Arkio on one of your devices so you can estimate the licenses you will need based on the max number of simultaneous users at any given time.

How many devices can I install Arkio on?

You can install Arkio on as many devices as you like. Arkio runs on VR headsets like the Oculus Quest, Windows and Mac devices as well as your tablet or phone. If you install Arkio on your PC using the Arkio PC installer you can also make use of the Arkio Revit, Rhino and Sketchup plugins to seamlessly import and export models. Your floating licenses will move with you from device to device and allow you to work from anywhere.

Do you offer perpetual licenses?

Arkio is an ambitious new tool that is under constant development and will be improved regularly with new modeling features, integrations with other design tools and support for new VR/AR devices. Subscription licenses are best aligned with the on-going development of Arkio and will ensure you are always working with the latest version of Arkio.

Do I need to pay VAT/sales tax?

During the checkout process you can enter your local VAT ID to get the VAT reduction automatically deducted from your subscription. You can also get an invoice after the sale for tax administration purposes.

How do I add more floating licenses to my subscription?

After your order has been processed you will receive an email with all the details of your license and a link to manage your order. You can use this link to add more licenses to your subscription on our storefront page.

How many license keys will I be receiving?

Since Arkio is based on floating licenses you will only receive one license key that you will use on all of your devices. This makes distributing Arkio licenses to your colleagues easy as you just need to pass one key around.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription you will no longer be charged for your next payment term and the licence will automatically expire after that time. We do not offer refunds on subscriptions however. You can contact us if you run into any issues or have questions about adjusting your subscription.

I’ve lost my license key, how do I get it back?

You can contact us at if you have lost your license or have any questions. We’re here to help!

What happens if all my floating licenses are in use?

Arkio will continue to work without an available floating license but will be limited to the features and capabilities of our Free plan. Please refer to the pricing page for more details on what features are available in the Free plan.

How does the time limit in free meetings work?

Using the Free version of Arkio you can start a free 1:1 meeting with another free user. Free meetings are limited to 20 minutes and after that time you will not be able to start or join another meeting for another 10 minutes. Pro or Enterprise users can however host meetings for an unlimited time and with up to 24 people. Pro or Enterprise users are by default editors in a meeting but users with the Free version of Arkio are limited to viewers in a professional meeting.

What are guest editors in meetings?

Users on the Enterprise plan have the right to grant edit rights to viewers in a meeting. This is done by selecting the pencil edit icon on the meeting panel. You can see if any guest editor slots are available in a meeting in the settings view on the meeting panel. Enterprise meetings by default offer the option of assigning one guest editor in a meeting and additional guest editor slots are available depending on the number of licenses bought.

How can I see how many floating licenses are in use?

If you have a valid license but no floating licenses are currently available you will see a notification on your left bracelet in VR or in the main toolbar on non-VR devices. If you click on this notification you will see the total number of licenses available. Additional usage statistics are also available for Enterprise users.

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