Arkio 1.0 is a new immersive collaborative design tool for architecture

Arkio 1.0 is a new immersive collaborative design tool for architecture

Hilmar Gunnarsson Hilmar Gunnarsson June 1, 2021

On June 1, Arkio launched version 1.0 of its immersive collaborative design tool for architecture after a successful beta period.

With Arkio, people can brainstorm, sketch, design, review, present and work together in real-time in a shared space using virtual reality (VR) headsets, desktops, tablets and phones.

Arkio allows its users to be fully immersed in their designs through the power of VR where they can experience buildings at scale while shaping them with their hands in a physical and intuitive way.

Seamless integration with popular design tools such as Revit, Rhino and SketchUp, Arkio enables people to make better design decisions faster and reduce costly misunderstandings and mistakes during the design process.

Hilmar Gunnarsson, Founder & CEO of Arkio said: “Arkio is the first design tool made specifically for architectural design work inside VR. Featuring a custom-built solid modeling kernel optimized for mobile VR headsets, designers are now able to design inside VR instead of simply using it as a medium for reviewing. VR and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to be the ultimate creative medium for architecture. Our goal is to give designers superpowers using this new medium.”

“During our beta we have seen a lot of different people use Arkio, including urban planners, architects, interior designers, landscape designers and even hobbyists. Unlike traditional flat-screen modeling tools that require weeks or months of training, Arkio enables people to get creative inside VR, no previous VR or 3D modeling experience is needed. One of my favourite comments during our beta is from someone who had never tried 3D modelling before but was able to model their house including interiors within a day of downloading Arkio onto a VR headset.”

Arkio will be free for use until September 1, 2021. That means for the next three months architects, designers and hobbyists across the globe can experience first-hand the power of designing architecture inside VR for free.

Starting in September there will be three plans available. Firstly, you can carry on using Arkio for free with continued access to all modelling tools, the ability to host one-to-one meetings up to 20 minutes in length and, basic import and export of 3D models, or upgrade to either Arkio Pro for $55 USD per month per floating license or Arkio Enterprise for $85 USD per month per floating license.

With Arkio Pro you can collaborate with up to 24 people in real-time and import/export unlimited files from Revit, Rhino and Sketchup. Arkio Pro also includes additional security when collaborating with other people as well as extended edit history that enables you to go back in time to create new design options based on previous work. Arkio Enterprise offers more flexibility and additional workflow integrations, enabling you to assign guest editor rights to viewers in a meeting, import/export from Autodesk BIM 360 and get access to priority support and training to get started.

Arkio makes it possible for the first time to sketch out buildings or entire urban plans while experiencing and adjusting design ideas at human scale. For the full Arkio experience, visit or download for free from Oculus, Steam, the iOS App Store and Google Play.