Arkio Live - Meet the designers

Arkio Live - Meet the designers

Hilmar Gunnarsson Hilmar Gunnarsson July 26, 2021

Watch our discussion from July 29 with two very talented designers and Arkio users.

This was the first event in our Meet the designers series, and during this talk Hugh Soward, Innovation Specialist at OPN Architects and Greg Davey, Founder and Director at Davey + Smith Architects showed us some of their work inside Arkio and shared their thoughts on using immersive design tools such as Arkio to augment the architectural design process.

This was an open event that was live streamed on YouTube from our virtual booth at the A’21 Conference on Architecture so anyone could join us live. The full recording of the event is available here on YouTube.

All attendees to our Meet the designers talk were able to enter into a prize draw to win an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.