Join us live on February 3rd

Join us live on February 3rd

Hilmar Gunnarsson Hilmar Gunnarsson January 20, 2022

Can VR be used to enhance the traditional charrette method?

Architect and AEC Technology Consultant, Richard-Allen Foster, AIA thinks the answer is YES. He and Matthew Kendall, Housing Product Owner at TestFit joined us live on February 3rd to explore how Arkio and TestFit can reshape the way architects and designers collaborate and communicate with clients and the public.

Experience a more interactive and immersive charrette process that can ultimately increase fun, engagement, trust, and confidence in the process and the solutions.

During the live discussion we saw how the already collaborative nature of a charrette sketch session can be enhanced with Arkio’s multi-platform tools and integrated with the parametric planning capabilities of TestFit for rapid iterations, robust data, and real-time visualizations.

Watch the recording from the event here.

Richard-Allen Foster, FOSTERiNG CREATIVE

Richard-Allen Foster is an architect with over a decade of experience in a Design Director role. Prior to founding Fostering Creative, he has taught both studio design and computer technology in design courses at the university level and has worked in firms of various sizes - ranging from Gensler down to 3-10 person teams. Richard-Allen loves to connect often unseen dots and thrives in the intersecting space between technology and design; always thinking about how emerging technologies can advance the design process and enhance the storytelling power in presentations. He excels in fostering collaborative studio environments and public engagement processes.

Matthew Kendall, Customer Enablement, TestFit

Matthew Kendall a B. Arch & Masters from Texas Tech University. Matthew was 5+ years into his architecture career when he came across TestFit. Now Matthew channels that energy & passion helping train TestFit users.

TestFit is The Ultimate Building Configurator. TestFit’s algorithms and co-creation tools help users solve site plans for commodity buildings such as multifamily, mixed use, industrial, garden apartments & more in seconds.