Our New Community Site

Our New Community Site

David Morgan David Morgan April 12, 2024

Arkio is excited to invite you to our new Community forum, at community.arkio.is!

Our New Headquarters✨

Welcome to our newly renovated community site, where simplicity, cleanliness, and accessibility merge with classic Arkio touch. ✨ Our revamped platform is designed to serve as a central hub for user support, hosting design challenges, discussing spatial ideas and exploring innovative workflow. It's where the Arkio team and our members come together to innovate and inspire.

It’s free, crisp, and open to everyone! Whether you're a design whiz or an engineering genius, if AEC and Spatial Design ignite your passion, our community is your perfect match!

New Community

What? Why the change?🚚

As we kicked off 2024, we set out with a clear vision: to enhance our community interaction and support. We listened closely to user feedback and recognized the desire for a more centralized network — a place where our vibrant community could easily share their work, connect with fellow Arkio enthusiasts, and thrive together.

Previously, we experimented with different platforms, from forums to chat channels, to gauge what resonated best with our users. Through this process, it became evident that our community craved a unified virtual space, a single destination where collaboration is boundless. In response, we've rebuilt our site from the ground up using Discourse as the underlying structure, transforming it into a virtual amphitheater 🏟️.

In response, we've rebuilt our site from the ground up, transforming it into a dynamic virtual arena 🏟️ where creativity knows no limits.

So swing by community.arkio.is and say hello!

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