Retreat 2023-Barcelona

Retreat 2023-Barcelona

David Morgan David Morgan November 12, 2023

At Arkio, we understand the importance of fostering a collaborative and vibrant work culture, which is why our recent company retreat in the captivating city of Barcelona was a resounding success! The retreat was not just an opportunity for our team to unwind and recharge but also a critical moment for our remote based team to put our avatars to the side and connect with each other offline. Barcelona's rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant energy served as the perfect backdrop for a transformative experience that left a lasting impact on our team.

Arkio Retreat2023

Co-located + CollaboratingšŸ£

The retreat commenced with an array of presentations, shedding light on the significant strides made in 2023 and offering a glimpse into the exciting journeys we are poised to embark upon in 2024. This was swiftly followed by dynamic interactive work sessions, providing an opportunity to explore and test the innovative features introduced in version 1.6. Against the backdrop of Barcelona's inspiring surroundings, the Arkio crew immersed themselves in thought-provoking discussions and hands-on activities, fostering the enhancement of individual skills and the fortification of team dynamics.

Arkio Retreat 2023 Arkio Retreat 2023

Exploring BarcelonašŸ”­

Beyond the conference rooms, our team had the chance to explore the cultural wonders of Barcelona, from the iconic Sagrada Familia to the local action of Park GĆ¼ell. Luckily, we have a couple of team members that knew the ins and outs of Barcelona who led us to some fantastic restaurantes and hangouts for out team to enjoy. These shared experiences created lasting bonds among our team members, fostering a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the workplace.

Arkio Retreat 2023 Arkio Retreat 2023

Value of ConnectingšŸ‘Æ

Arkio's Barcelona retreat was not just a getaway; it was a holistic experience that reinforced our commitment to a positive, collaborative, and dynamic work environment. As we return to our daily tasks with renewed energy and a strengthened sense of unity, we look forward to the continued success that comes from a team that works and plays together.

Arkio Retreat 2023

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